Our expertise in specialty design, construction, materials and installation makes us one of the most esteemed specialty firms within our service area.

Building Exterior Restoration

Sealant & caulking replacement, Wet + structural glazing, Glazing + Flashing replacement, Re-pointing/Tuck-pointing, masonry & concrete repairs, expansion joint replacement, water repellents, pressure washing & cleaning, exterior envelope demolition & façade replacement, helical anchors, Leak repairs, Below grade excavation

Parking Deck Restoration

Traffic Coating replacement, Sealant replacement, concrete repairs, spall repairs, water repellents & penetrating sealers, expansion joint replacement, Double-T Precast Concrete Connection repairs, steel corrosion inhibitor coatings, epoxy injection



Waterproofing + Dampproofing

Below Grade, Above Grade, Hot-Applied, Cold Applied, Self-Adhering, Crystalline, Blind Side, Underslab, Deck Coatings, Traffic Coatings, Elastomeric, Cementitious, Bentonite, dampproofing, Inverted Roof systems, split slab systems, , PUMA, PMMA, Foundation drainage



Air Vapor Barrier

Fluid-applied, self-adhering, complete system flashings, transitions, spray foam insulation, vapor permeable & impermeable, ABAA Certified systems

Pedestal / Paver Systems
& Garden Roof Assemblies

Green roofs, New Turn Key and/or removal and replacement, Intensive, extensive, inverted roof systems

Expansion Joints

Architectural, structural, seismic, interior floors, walls & ceiling, fire rated joints, Parking deck traffic rated, Silicone extrusion sheet, Column covers

Sealants + Caulking

Exterior building, Tilt-up concrete panel, precast, masonry, curtain wall & window perimeters, commercial glazing, metal panels, slab on grade concrete, Polyurea, semi-rigid epoxy, urethane, silicone, jet fuel resistance

Fire Stopping

Head of wall, floor to floor, spandrel glass protection, edge of slab

Water Repellents

Siliane/Siloxane Blends, Graffiti Control, penetrating sealers

Traffing + Deck Coatings

Vehicular, pedestrian, industrial, specialty, decorative quartz